Bitbucket Build Status on Pull Request

Hi all,

I attempted to search for this and found no results, so apologies if this has been asked/answered already.

I’ve been running my setup for some time now, and all is well for the most part. I’m running Drone in Docker (drone/drone:2 and drone/drone-runner-docker:1) using https and nginx as a reverse proxy. A webhook was set up through BitBucket following the docs. Builds are triggered and succeed as expected. However, the builds and their statuses never show up in BitBucker when viewing the pull request.

I had expected those values to automatically update as part of setting up the webhook, but maybe that isn’t the case? I’ve also enabled DRONE_BITBUCKET_DEBUG and DRONE_LOGS_DEBUG/DRONE_LOGS_TRACE, but haven’t seen anything relevant pop up in the logs (was expecting some kind of POST or PUT request back to Bitbucket’s API).

Thanks for any help,