Can't create organization secret for gitea repository

Hi. I have an organization in gitea and its repository is activated in drone. The ui crashes when I click on organization “secrets” in the side menu in the repository settings section ( route in the address bar). The page crashes and goes completely blank.
“karbalad” is my gitea organization and “karbalad-api” is the git repository I added to drone and set up ci for it.

I checked the xhr request it was trying to make. It’s a GET request to this url:
where “karbalad” is my gitea organization. The request fails with 401 status code. its response message is {"message":"Forbidden"}

However I can set repository secrets completely fine without any problem. The problem only occurs with organization secrets.

It’s a bug because first of all, the ui shouldn’t crash and show an error if there’s any. And of course I’ve given drone my gitea access token and it has access to that organization. It shows the organization repositories in drone ui and does CI for it successfully.

I installed drone with helm chart version 0.3.1
and I’m using Gitea Version: 1.16.8 installed with its official helm chart on rke kubernetes cluster version v1.23.7-rancher1-1