Getting a Heap and Thread Dump on a Harness Delegate

This document walks you through the steps to capture a heap and thread dump on a Harness delegate and share it with the support team for further analysis.

Step 1:

SSH (shell script delegate) / EXEC (kubernetes delegate) into your delegate

Step 2:

With a terminal open on the delegate, run the following (as root if k8s type delegate or the same user that started the ./ script if shell script type delegate is being used):

curl -s | bash

Step 3:

In the terminal, you will get a message similar to the following:

Copy over file /tmp/top_heap_thread_from_delegate_1634928369.tar.gz into the support ticket

Attach this file into the support ticket for further analysis. The numerical value is an epoch timestamp.

The repository for this project is public and can be viewed by going to: