Gitea and multiple users

please help me understand the drone/gitea integration: Is it possible to access the repositories of multiple gitea users from a single drone-server instance?

I’ve followed the installations instructions for gitea and have successfully created a new OAuth2 application in gitea. I successfully authorized drone and can now list all the repos of a single user on the command line.
… but how do I get the repositories of other users?

Looking at the drone server configuration, I find a single DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_ID/DRONE_GITEA_CLIENT_SECRET configuration pair. And since on gitea-side, the OAuth2 configuration is done in the context of a single user, it doesn’t seem possible to access repositories of other users.

Is this a restriction of the drone/gitea combination or am I missing something?

omg, I figured it out.

My problem has nothing to do with gitea/oauht2/users/… The problem is that drone user add -token <token> <user> doesn’t properly handle the <token> value (see here for details, thank you user cu2)

A bit of background: I’m setting up a small devops playground with gitea and drone. I want to deploy pre-configure gitea and drone instances to demonstrate some basic ci/cd principles.
For this I created during the build of my drone docker image some users with the cli tool and authorized them in gitea with some curl calls. I was never able to see their repositories, because the user creation via the cli tool messes up the passed token.

So the solution is a bit hacky. I’m not creating any users via the commandline but let them create indirectly: The curl-calls to authorize drone in gitea will automatically create the drone users. I then do a select on the sqlite database to get the actual token.