Helm client version and custom install commands

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Harness and trying to set up a pipeline for our Kubernetes application.
We are using Harness Free Edition (as we are just testing) with a quite simple pipeline (Native Helm deployment):
As a POC we use Helm to publish our application as Helm Chart from GitHub repo and deploy it to K8s cluster.

But our team faced two major issues during this POC:

  1. The only working way to change helm client version is to build a custom delegate image - its fine in theory, but still a bit inconveniently
  2. The idea of executing any custom command AFTER helm install is a real problem for us, as usually we need to create a new namespace, and it more preferable to use helm upgrade --namespace prod-id-1234 --create-namespace --install. Is it any chance that we missed something, or as it said on this page from docs - you cannot provide custom commands while helm deploy?

Thanks in advance for any answers.