[SOLVED] Client error 413: User not authorized, i'm admin

I started server with this config:

version: '2'

        image: drone/drone:0.8.1
          - 8001:8000
          - 9000:9000

          - /home/docker/drone_data/data:/var/lib/drone/
        restart: always
          - DRONE_OPEN=true
          - DRONE_HOST=
          - DRONE_GITEA=true
          - DRONE_GITEA_URL=
          - DRONE_ADMIN = root,[email protected]
          - DRONE_DEBUG = true
          - DRONE_SECRET=123123


Aleksandrs-Mini:drone_gitea aleksandr$ drone info
User: root
Email: [email protected]

But i cant list users…

Aleksandrs-Mini:drone_gitea aleksandr$ drone user ls
\client error 413: User not authorized

I’m in admins list, why it doesn’t work?

This error indicates you are not a system admin.

This would tell me the admin list is not properly configured or the entry in the list does not match the gitea username (case sensitive).

Ok, so how to become system admin? :slight_smile:

Should i edit drone’s database manually?

my username is root

see http://docs.drone.io/user-admins/

It looks like you have a formatting issue. You have extra whitespace in your docker-compose file that needs to be removed. Also [email protected] does not look like a valid gitea username and should be removed.

-DRONE_ADMIN = root,[email protected]

I can’t believe but you’re right, this fix works, thank you