Unable to escape backtick in pipeline commands

I seem to be unable to escape backticks in commands in a drone pipeline (v0.8). None of the commands below seem to work and yield the usual error: “/bin/sh: syntax error: EOF in backquote substitution” - I’ve tried different counts of backticks, backslashs, and other odd ways of escaping the backticks. I can probably resolve the issue by writing my commands as a script, but I feel like this should be able to be escaped without needing to go down into another shell script.

group: start
image: alpine
- echo ‘```Console’
- echo ‘```Console’
- echo ‘\\\\Console' - echo '\\\\`\`Console’

Had the same problem right now. Workaround for now was to externalize the script from .drone.yml to myscript.sh and call the later from .drone.yml.

Instead of escaping, you can use a yaml scalar. For example:

- |
  echo `hello world`

Good point. Thanks, Brad.