User registration is disabled

hi guys, could i get my account approved for drone cloud platform thanks!
this is my account

Please activate it for my account gdeep-ciena (Gagandeep Pratihar) (

Hey All,

I’ve added the accounts above, let me know if there are any issues.


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thanks! cheer…
i’ll enjoy

Can anyone activate my account? imlonghao (imlonghao) · GitHub


Please add me too: ringfungi (Guilherme Lopes) · GitHub


Hi, please can i get my account approved for drone cloud platform thanks!
My account - Wi-nnie · GitHub

I have added the last 3 users :slight_smile: - I noticed @Wi-nnie is a very new account so will be keeping an eye on subsequent builds!

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Hi, can you please approve my AlistairB account? Thanks!

Please kindly approve my account Col-Serra (Col-Serra) · GitHub

Hi, Would someone be able to activate my account benjamin-willis? learning how to deploy applications at scale

Hey, could you please approve my account too. Thanks in advance! GitHub

Dear Drone support.
Although authorized by GitHub I can’t “Continue”. The only message I get is this:


Welcome to Drone.

User registration is disabled

Was there any error from my side and what can I do?

My GitHub log says:

Could hwittenborn and gamer4life1 be approved? I’m primarily wanting it for the makedeb organization so we can run PRs through our existing pipeline configs.


I also have an account, which has to be approved ionos-spectre (IONOS | Spectre) · GitHub
Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Hi there,

I would also appreciate a manual approval of my account if that is possible ArnauP - GitHub

Hi there,

Can you manually approve my account harisarang

Hi, can you manually approve my account brenoAmodesto · GitHub

Hi, can you manually approve my GitHub account for drone cloud? mgrouch (Mikhail Grushinskiy) · GitHub
Does adding existing github organization require manual approval too?

Hi there,

Can you manually approve my account ibratabian17
I want use DroneCI to build Android, this is 1st time i use DroneCI, but Drone it say User registration is disabled